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SCS International Investigations is a licensed California Private Investigations  Firm, License Number PI 23874.



SCS International Investigations has the ability to engage in major level investigations in the United States and Southeast Asia.



SCS International Investigations conducts a variety of investigations including criminal defense investigations, trademark infringement, missing persons, fraud, family law, and specialize in public corruption, and law enforcement and prosecutorial misconduct investigations.



SCS International Investigations is one of a handful of Private Investigation Firms in the nation experienced in handling investigations involving an ever expanding trend in family law; the FALSE RESTRAINING ORDER.  Sadly, the misuse of protective orders are now being routinely used in divorce cases, and they are sought out and obtained by spouses attempting to gain a tactical advantage.  Their misuse is used to gain control of homes, assets, and to obtain full child custody.  A FALSE RESTRAINING ORDER can seriously affect jobs, careers, and personal and professional reputations.  If you have victimized by a FALSE RESTRAINING ORDER, please contact us, or have your attorney contact us as soon as possible.  If the circumstances permit, we can provide court declarations in the support of the removal of such malicious orders.



SCS International Investigations works well with attorneys, businesses, and private individuals.  All attorneys know that no matter how skilled they are, it is their investigative team that can make the difference between winning and losing.  Your case will be handled in a competent and professional manner, and professional reports or court declarations will be provided as needed or when necessary.